Lviv doctors rescue 9-year-old Sofia, through the brain of which a fragment of a cassette sheet passed

She was admitted to St. Nicholas Hospital in Lviv after a severe mine injury with brain damage, particularly to the dominant hemisphere.

9-year-old Sofiyka and her mother Nina were admitted to St. Nicholas Hospital in Lviv. The fragment from a cluster shell passed more than 11 cm, through all brain of the girl – from a frontal site to a nape – during shelling on streets of Nikolaev.

For two days the girl lay in a coma in Nikolaev. A month after the injury, the girl learns to take the first steps again and starts talking.

“She came to us after a severe mine injury with brain damage, in particular, the dominant hemisphere. The difficulty was that the entrance was in the frontal area, and a fragment of this explosive object was stuck in the posterior cranial fossa, passing through the entire brain. In such a situation, most patients do not survive at all, and if they do survive, they cannot contact the world around them”

said Mykhailo Lovha, head of the neurosurgery department at St. Nicholas Children’s Hospital.

According to the doctor, Sofiyka can talk and communicate completely, she has a slight weakness in her right arm and right leg, but compared to the injury she received, it is really a miracle.

“During the treatment, at one point we performed a plastic defect with a titanium plate, to close the defect that the doctors were forced to create by removing the fragments during 1-2 surgeries. Under the same anesthesia, we got a fragment with a small access from behind, “he added.

In the future, the girl will undergo a long rehabilitation. Mykhailo Lovha notes that people have the greatest rehabilitation opportunities in the first 6-12 months after an injury. Therefore, a year after the injury Sofiyka can recover as much as possible. The girl is currently actively training to continue learning to play a musical instrument and realize her biggest dream and one day sing on stage.


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