Anna Zaitseva, who was evacuated from Azovstal, talks about her experiences

A 24-year-old woman and her six-month-old son Svyatoslav left with the first humanitarian column.

“Before the decree, I worked at the Mariupol school №10 as a French language teacher. And at the end of October last year she became a mother for the first time, – says the woman. “A man worked at the Azovstal enterprise as a worker … On February 25, we decided to hide from the shelling not in the basement of our high-rise building, but in the bomb shelter at Azovstal, as hundreds of people did.”

Anna, along with her son, husband and parents, thought they would be in the bomb shelter for two or three days, so they took a few things with them.

“There were about 75 of us in the bunker. There was no electricity, so we used a generator, – says the woman. – So I could heat water for the mixture (my milk disappeared due to stress). But often due to orc attacks the generator turned off. So the child had to prepare food with a candle and a can.

We held on thanks to the Ukrainian military, who brought us diapers and mixtures. And when there was no last one, milk, semolina and sugar were extracted somewhere. When the adults ran out of food, the Azov fighters gave theirs and did not eat anything all day. I still have chocolate in front of my eyes, which was given to me by our soldier with the words: “You are a young mother, it is more important to you” …

According to the young mother, she had moments of despair almost every day. “We didn’t see the sun, the grass, the sky,” says Anna. – The most difficult thing was when they tried to evacuate us three times, but at the last moment everything stopped – the occupiers started shelling. The hope of getting out of here alive was slim. ”

On the morning of April 30, Hanna recalls, Azovstal fighters came to them and told them to gather within 10 minutes.

“We drove through such ruins that it’s simply unrealistic to describe, it’s worse than in a horror movie. Our bus was without windows and doors, the dust blocked my breath. Then we were taken to the embankment, where representatives of the UN, the Church and the Red Cross were waiting, – the woman says. – Two Russian soldiers sat down next to us … We were brought to the village of Bezimenne to a filtration camp, there were women – soldiers from the Russian Federation.

We were completely undressed and examined.

I had a medallion with a trident, so they demanded the name of the person who gave it. I said I don’t remember.

Our phones were scanned, all contacts were transcribed, all photos were restored and palm prints were taken. After the inspection we were taken to Dmytrivka, where we spent the night in tents. Only on May 3 we reached Zaporizhia. ”

The family is now safe. “Our apartment in Mariupol was bombed, we are just homeless,” says Anna. – I do not know how to start from scratch. But I have to live and hold on for the sake of the Saint … ”


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