Bad situation in the cities of Lisichansk and Severodonetsk

The enemy is trying to surround Lisichansk and Severodonetsk.

Since all the bridges leading to the regional center have been destroyed, evacuation and delivery of humanitarian cargo is impossible. The residents of Severodonsk who remained in the city survive in extremely difficult conditions.

Lisichansk continues to be under heavy fire from the Russian occupation troops, and it is becoming increasingly difficult to deliver humanitarian supplies to the city.

Hell in Lisichansk: the city is poured with fire, the military under fire helps to evacuate the wounded

Fighting, evacuation under shelling and a one-way road for civilians – a report from the Air Force team about Lisichansk, a city that is rapidly emptying in the line of fire

Severodonetsk now. Russian savages with crazy frenzy turn a prosperous Ukrainian city into a ghost


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