Syrian fighters are buying western weapons from Ukrainians

FAKE: Syrian fighters are buying western weapons from Ukrainians



There are many ways russian propaganda tried to dissuade the West from providing weapons to Ukraine. One of the fake narratives they used described how the greedy Ukrainians would sell western weapons to terrorist groups all over the world. You know, because Ukraine is an “evil Nazi state”. Such claims were, and still are, completely ridiculous. On one hand, Ukrainians need all the weapons they can get to defend themselves from the russian invasion, and would not re-sell them to anyone, especially if that would harm Ukraine’s chances to get more. On the other hand, Ukrainian borders are now guarded more thoroughly than ever, and smuggling weapons to Europe is practically impossible. If anyone has an opportunity to sell western weapons, it would be russia, which captured a number of them from Ukrainian forces and could easily smuggle them through its eastern borders.
This fake is just a continuation of this narrative. There are no indications that the video is filmed in Syria, the way the person talks to the camera and explains in detail how he got the weapons are clearly staged, and the weapons in question could easily be those captured from the Ukrainian army by russians.


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