Poland has forgotten what russia did for them

FAKE: Poland has forgotten what russia did for them



russian embassy in the UK has tweeted that the people of Poland had forgotten how the Soviet Union liberated their country, and how much russia did for them. That Poland is ungrateful to be so hostile to russia and to support Ukraine. Only, Poland have not forgotten anything. Poland has not forgotten how russian empire annexed Polish lands. Poland did not forget how during the Polish-Soviet war russians tried to conquer Poland and take the restored independence away from the Poles. Poland did not forget how in 1939 Soviet Union and Nazi Germany started World War II by invading Poland. Poland did not forget the repressions, the deportations, the executions, the subjugation, and the terror. Poland did not forget Katyn. Poland will never forget decades of Soviet occupation, and all the crimes russians had committed against the Polish nation. Poland remembers.


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